"Hey There! I'm Nicole & here's how I see it....

Real life doesn't happen in a studio, where you are asked to smile and say cheese. It's when you are caught in an uncontrollable laugh, it's grass stains + goofy faces, It's a romantic, loving embrace or realy big bear hugs. It's something that can never be repeated. The messy ones, the silly and sweet ones. These are the moments that are important; the ones you will want to remember. These are the moments I strive to capture.

Currently (gypsy/military wife) based out of Northern Wisconsin | Coverage Area includes >> Manitowoc, Green Bay, Two Rivers, Sturgeon Bay, Appleton, Sheboygan & Milwaukee) & I often make trips to the Chicago IL area, Dubuque Iowa, Seattle Washington and Puerto Rico for Portraits and Weddings! Don’t see your city or state on the list? Just ask!!! I love to travel and will seize EVERY opportunity to do so.

Q + A

Why the name "Orange Anchor"? - The anchor represents being grounded and constant for my love of all things creative. It also represents my husband, who is in the Coast Guard :) I chose Orange not only because it's my favorite color, but because orange is a power color - it stimulates enthusiasm and creativity and means vitality.

The thing I love most about being a photographer? - Meeting people and discovering the little things that make them extraordinary.

What is a typical session with you like? - Not one session is alike. But the majority of my sessions include laughing, running, singing, funny fart noises, story telling, jumping, hand holding, ring-around-the-rosie, red rover, and puddle splashing... just to name a few. Brides reading this - fart noises usually only happen towards the end of the reception when that one groomsen (you know who I'm talking about) has had a few too many.

Do you have a studio?- Nope. Natural lighting is where it's at.

What is your style? - Candid & Colorful. Life is colorful; your images should be too.

Besides a Photographer, Who are you? - I’m a lover of light and color (and tacos). I’m a proud Coast Guard Wife & Step Mama “Cole” to Knox. I'm also a furmama to a 19 year old kitty named Minkus, a big black ball of cat fluff named Kevin, a Mini Goldendoodle named Nora, and a Mini Aussiedoodle named Phneaus Maximus (aka Finn). Cancer SURVIVOR in the House! 5 years in remission baby! I’m terrified of cotton balls + I really enjoy being a girlboss — But enough about me, now I'd love to hear about YOU! Let's chat soon. x’s + o’s.